Today I am launching my new website and blog. I hope to make this endeavour be about more than just solidifying my ‘online presence’. Writing regularly is important for a working academic and it can help to serve a number of functions. Dissemination is of course the most obvious one, but what about motivation? I think that by placing an onus upon oneself to write something regularly via a public blog, a type of positive feedback loop can be engendered that (hopefully!) results in getting more actual work done, owing to the need to actually have something to write about, that in turn results in writing more in order to report on the work that was done, that in turn results in doing more work in order to have something more to write about, and so on ad infinitum.

The name barog that I have chosen for the blog, beyond being something of an amalgamation of my own name and of the word ‘blog’, is also a throwback to my childhood. My mother would often refer to me as ‘baróg’ which itself is an amalgamation of my own name and the Irish word ‘óg’, which means ‘young’. While I am not quite as young as I was back then, I am not quite dead yet either. Perhaps this blog and its title can serve to remind me that while there is much to be done, there is yet time to do it.

And on that note, perhaps I should return to work in order that I might have more to write about.

Be seeing you!